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kit homes

Kit homes offer economical housing solutions and are more economical to build than conventional homes.

They can be easily erected – with smaller kit homes sometimes weeks compared to months.

The kit home market is on the increase as the modern living alternative.

They provide an economical solution to accommodate the elderly - nursing homes are expensive.

They provide an economical way to accommodate family members - instead of renting.

They offer downsizing solutions in contrast to retirement homes which erode family inheritance.

Kit homes can be built on smaller sections of land.

Some kit homes are modules that enable extra rooms to be added as a later time.

Young married couples are more likely to be able to afford a kit home


Is your block of land big enough to accommodate a small kit home or granny flat?

Building a small granny flat or kit home is an ideal solution for taking care of the grandparents. Keeps the family together and prevents the erosion of money needed to purchase a retirement home.