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modular frame

Save on energy costs, hundreds of dollars per year with fully insulated walls and ceilings.

The insulated wall panel system can be built either on a concrete slab, or on a steel piers and steel floor support system with hardwood timber decking or yellow tongue flooring. All wall panels are 1200mm wide and from 2400mm to 4.2 mm in height and are 140 mm thick.

The panels sit inside a powder coated c-channel and clip together using a tongue and grove system, then once panels are stood up and you have screwed or pop riveted panels to the c-channel, the roof is ready to be laid and screwed down to top of panels.

Your wall panels are precision cut to length and shape, including all door and window openings and are numbered on a working plan to allow for a quick, easy and fast assembly. Each panel comprises two external skins and an insulated core.


  • Termite and rodent proof
  • Manufactured in Australian to Australian standards
  • Has long-term R-value (thermal resistance)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficiency certification
  • Design and drafting supplied for council approval
    excluding site and hydraulic plans

Pre painted surfaces are made from galvanized steel. They are bonded to an insulated core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is fire retardant treated for quality assurance. These Kit homes are engineered, designed, and certified to be erected in cyclone category 2 rating.

This means that in most areas of Australia, your Flat Pack Kit Home will be stronger than the recommended requirements. The panels are design for the owner builder or handyman; the only trades that are required are licensed electrician and a licensed plumber.

Once the panels are installed there is no need to paint the exterior or interior, though the panels can be painted. With its light weight, easy clip together system, it’s perfect for the owner builder.

Insulated Panels are ideally suited for a wide variety of insulated applications including walls, ceilings, partitioning, and roofing. Its range of thicknesses, pre-finished skin, modular design, and ease of application make it the ideal building wall or roof panel.


  • Extreme weather and water proof
  • Easy to install and erect a house with computer pre cut panels
  • All buildings engineer designed for your area or higher rating
  • Exceptional insulation against extreme temperatures and noise
  • Lowers energy bills by up to 90%
  • Long-lasting