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Renovation of an existing house is like interior decorating as it involves architecture; known as environmental psychology and product design.

It is not about renovating or decorating to make the furniture fit into the available space. Architectural design requires consideration of the provision of furniture and the location of electrical wiring, communications (telephone, computers, etc.) and lighting, among other things which can affect possible change in the openings of the room).

Decide what you want to do

When considering home renovation, the first thing you have to do is decide what you want to do, how much time you are prepared to devote to the renovation and your budget, bearing in mind you always needs to be prepared for the unexpected.

Having answers to these 3 questions, you can begin to make a sketch of the layout of the room and how it will look. This is where you should consider that maybe you need furniture design because the dimensions of the room require custom furniture; however custom furniture can be very expensive.

It might be easier and definitely cheaper to find furniture to suit your renovation than having it custom made.  You will need to consider these costs, the cost to build and the cost of designing furniture and other furnishings as well.

Remember that the functionality of your renovation project includes the furniture in the room design and is more important than the appearance.

Choosing a Sofa: for example

Of course, you have to choose furniture that you like, but to get the best use of the furniture is to consider its overall practicality and usefulness.

The key is that these serve to maximize space. The furniture is not just an ornament of the room you are renovating, it is a part of it.

Let's look at an example of practicality in the purchase of a sofa

A sofa is probably the most used piece of furniture, therefore it makes sense that it is comfortable is many ways, yet many times I have witnessed that people buy a sofa based on the look and colour rather than on practicality.

  • does it have enough back support for the whole family
  • is the depth of the seating area enough, or does it cut into the legs
  • does it have the right arm rest
  • will it accommodate all the family comfortable
  • is it the right colour to fit into your décor
  • are you better off with a corner piece or with two sofas
  • what kind of material is best for your family, bearing in mind small children tend to be a little messy

Interior design

Interior designing is about remembering to think about everything, from the smallest of details such as installing light bulbs in order to achieve a successful conclusion.

So, focus your attention on the "use" that the  furniture will provide, then ask yourself what you really "need" and then decide on the style.

There is a lot of furniture variety to choose from; however only careful planning will create a room that looks like the furniture was meant to fit, rather than fitting the furniture into a room. Be clear about the use of the room. If the room needs to accommodate a work space like a table and chairs as well as a bed, think carefully about how that might work effectively. 

Be creative and imaginative as you want, but always be practical.  The use of the room needs to last for a long time, getting the small things right a the beginning goes a long way to achieving a successful outcome.