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building designers good for renovationsOne of the most common mistakes made when consulting with a building designer  is to not fully disclose exactly how much money you have and are prepared to spend on your building project.

In my early days of designing, many clients would not accurately disclose this information. Sometimes it was because they were embarrassed to state what their budget was in case I might think it was not enough. 

More often, it was because they wanted to see what could be done and how much it would cost. But, this manner of thinking costs money because the designer spends time to design, and design work ultimately costs money.

When a designer knows your budget, including what excess you want to allocate for variables, they can advise you exactly what you can achieve. When you know what you can achieve, it enables you to be thinking of ways to cut back or to enhance the project.  Knowing the facts upfront saves a lot of time and has the relationship between both parties off to a good start.

A designer will be listening closely to make sure that they capture your wants, needs and desires upfront, which hopefully will be included in their pricing, and therefore there will be no nasty surprises.

This is exactly what you are paying for; professionalism and creativity.

You have more input and assistance

The documentation (plans details and specifications) provided by Architects and Building Designers is very detailed. Working side by side gives you the opportunity to help with the design while receiving advice and guidance as to costing and budget control.

Working with designers

You get to choose every fitting and

finishes for your future house and the materials you want to use; such as the kind of bricks or timbers you want. You feel as though you are part of the decision making process far more that choosing to build a project house.

Custom designs

When an architect or building designer prepare a custom design, this enables their creative talents to work miracles for you. Factors such as:-

  • A designer will plan and specifically tailor a project to a specific block of land.
  • When designing, they will take into consideration all environmental issues that will make the outcome more pleasurable; things like the positioning and size of the outdoor area, pool requirements, and orientation north-south east-west facing etc.
  • You get to nominate the size of your rooms and passage ways.
  • You get to stipulate what kind of fixtures and fitting.
  • A designer will assist you with colours, and interior structures.
  • Your house will stand out in the street as a designer home, unlike the common project style home.
  • Your house will generally be worth more when it comes time to sell.
  • A designer takes due care to ensure that the final product is exactly as you want.

Contracting a designer

It is important to understand your relationship with the designer. Early discussions must indicate that you like the designer and feel that you can communicate well.

Together, you will be working the project for many months, even a year. Choose carefully, do not be shy to feel them out. Is the feeling comfortable and at ease? Do you like the way they project themselves? Do you like their design work?