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Bathrooms should be one of the cleanest and hygienic rooms in the house!

Simple tips on bathroom improvements.

learn the golden rules
In older style Australian houses built with timber frames and floors, over time “settling” cracks appear between the bathtub and the wall, the shower recess and between the sink and the wall.
Despite the fact that cracks around the bathtub and shower are not always preventable, they are easy to fix and the job takes no more than fifteen minutes.

What you need is:

  1. Putty knife
  2. Stiff brush
  3. Waterproof caulking compound like bathroom Silicon

Step One

Clean and dry the area. Remove any old caulking using the putty knife then brush out the area until all the loose parts are removed.

Step Two

Cut the silicon tube nozzle at a 45 degree angle in order for it to be applied easily. Use an applicator which holds the tube (available in any hardware store) and force the silicon into the crack, forming an even bead the entire length.

Wet your finger with some detergent and run along the bead continuously without stoping to smooth the silicon and make it look professional. If you have never tried this before, it is a good idea to have a practice run somewhere else so that until you get the hang of it.

Major bathroom improvements

Seriously consider getting some professional advice and help from experts who make it their business to carry out bathroom renovations. They normally have great ideas that you may not have thought about, and they certainly have access to fittings and fixtures that will make your bathroom stand out even more. Plus, they will have contractors such as plumbers and tilers that they use because they have a long standing relationship, which is help to eliminate bad workmanship.

Most bathroom renovation quotes do not include prices for fixtures and fittings, but bathroom renovation companies will have special rates that will enable them to source those goods at reasonable rates. 

What can you expect to pay

The average bathroom renovation should cost between $5,000 - $6,000. Bathroom renovation companies charge anywhere from $20 and $150 per hour, with an average quoted price of $57 per hour.

Why renovation prices vary

Commonly, bathroom renovations can include the services of several trade specialists like plumbers and tilers. Some bathroom renovation companies have large overheads which often translates into a more expensive prices. Others have no branches and a small office of experts; the bottom line is that they pass their savings on to you

Checklist for Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom specialists will often be able to help their customers select appropriate fixtures for their new bathroom and negotiate favourable prices with suppliers. Think about the following things before getting quotes on you bathroom renovation:

  1. Bathroom Lighting: A bathroom needs the correct lighting, preferably natural lighting. Perhaps think about skylight installation. Electricians can help you install dimmers if you prefer to go down the electrical services route.
  2. Tiles & Splashbacks: Remember, have a clear idea about the theme for your bathroom so that you can avoid making the mistakes of others. A nice tiled wall or splashback with one dominant colour will make your bathroom look awesome and new.
  3. Mirrors: The latest trend is to adorn your wall with mirrors.
  4. Tap ware: Splurging on taps and shower heads is a great way to make your bathroom look modern.